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We’re taking a breather – back at you in 2011

The Story Board is going on vacation for a couple of weeks. Enjoy the best of the season and we’ll be back at you in 2011.

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More on the iPad revolution

You can almost hear the panting when people write about the iPad. It’s right up there with sliced bread in mid-December 2010 culture. It’ll probably be over by January, so here’s some more on the iPad before it’s too late. The Huffington Post is reporting that the iPad will revolutionize magazines. Mark Pasetsky argues that smart […]

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iPad apps a priority for Rogers

In an interview with (subscription required), new Rogers Media boss Keith Pelley says it’s logical that i-Pad apps will be a priority for Rogers Publishing. “You know, the iPad or tablet is one that will significantly change publishing. People go online for information and video. They don’t necessarily go to read a full magazine. […]

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And the survey says…

American freelance business writers earn an average of $25-30,000 per year, according to an informal survey completed by 67 members of the Society of American Business Editors and Writers (SABEW). The poll found that freelancers are paid between 75 cents and $1 per word, if they are paid by the word, or an average of $250 per assigment. […]

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Reuters to use “stringers” for new US wire service

Thomson Reuters is launching what it is calling a “domestic news service” in the US to rival the Associated Press and CNN Wire. The service, dubbed Reuters America, will provide text, photos and video to newspaper, TV and online pubilshing clients. The first client is the Tribune Co, which owns the Chicago Tribune and the LA […]

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Best. Assignment. Ever.

Raise your hand if you’ve recently had an experience like this with an editor. (Really, what woman hasn’t wanted to trade her children for a handbag?)

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Freelancers meet at Toronto’s historic Gladstone

The Gladstone Hotel’s Art Room turned out to be an apt spot to launch the new alliance between Canada’s only agency for freelance writers and a major media union.  A historic hotel — and an age-old problem.   The problem is figuring out how to give collective voice and leverage to people who are, by law […]

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Required reading for Canadian freelancers

The Canadian Magazines blog offers a succinct review of a new book it says “should be read by every freelancer, agency, editor and publisher” in Canada.  Copyright, Contracts, Creators: New Media, New Rules is written by Osgoode Hall law school professor Giuseppina D’Agostino. The description of the book includes this gem: “The Internet-fueled recycling of existing […]

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Finkle going to bat for independent writers

Toronto writer Derek Finkle’s first feature assignment netted him a cover story in Toronto Life. It all started in 1993 when he became the magazine’s first intern. The story was about a sting operation on a paid hit and it introduced Finkle to key police sources that would prove helpful to his later work. But […]

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A new benefits program for writers

A new benefits program is available to writers who are members of a dozen organizations, including the Canadian Writers Group.  The program is administered by ACTRA Fraternal. The great thing about this program is that premium rates don’t go up the more you use your benefits, which is what happens with commercial insurers. That’s because ACTRA […]

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