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CBC Books launches new hub for writers

Canada Writes is “a new home for original writing,” according a press release the CBC issued today. It’s a place where “all kinds of writers” can “have their work read, published and recognized by the entire country.” The site includes writing challenges (the current one is autobiography-related), workshops, and resources (links to writers’ organizations), and […]

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Another delay for U.S. freelancers awaiting compensation

While the Robertson Settlement saga is still trucking along here (and the deadline to submit claims under second settlement is approaching), our freelancing friends south of the border are getting nowhere fast with their class-action suit against against numerous publishers. Just this month, an appeals court rejected a settlement struck in 2005, based on an […]

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A two-tiered press in Quebec

Something funny is going on in Quebec. Not “ha ha” funny but curious and even, in some people’s opinion, a threat to freedom of speech in the province. Quebec Culture Minister Christine St-Pierre has announced she wants “a new model of regulation of Quebec media.” Her plan is based on the conclusions of a government-commissioned […]

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Show me the money: Invoicing tips from the Born Freelancer

Gather a bunch of freelance writers together and it’s almost always the number-one topic of conversation. The general public may expect us to be dissecting esoteric topics like the influence of Faustian legend on contemporary media, but for most of us it’s: “Got any new tips for getting paid faster?” Several posts ago Story Board […]

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Say goodbye to the discerning journalist, or “Kids these days…”

“Does it matter where a story comes from, as long as it makes the news? Apparently it doesn’t matter at all, to many of the latest crop of journalism students who believe their smart phones hold the keys to truth.” So begins Lynne Russell’s post for MediaShift on the iPod-listenin’, tweet-believin’, smartphone-clutchin’  journalism students at […]

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Canada’s dailies remember Jack

Canada is in mourning today, and tributes to Jack Layton are on the cover of every daily newspaper. The reaction from journalists across the country has been marked by reverence for the man and unmitigated grief (well, with a couple exceptions). Thanks to’s front page gallery.

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Journalists who hack (and why you should be one)

A basic level of digital literacy is essential to anyone working in media today, but some journalists’ computer skills are advanced enough to qualify them as hackers. Gaining access to access otherwise-obscured truths by working around flimsy firewalls or condensing and analyzing widely scattered data can produce stories of great value to the public. However, […]

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The view from over here

Do journalists working in various media really perceive each other like the above image suggests? Of course, David Cohn, who made the chart, is having a bit of fun with the stereotypes about people who work in print versus broadcast versus online versus data journalism. But, joking aside, it seems worthwhile to ask how deeply […]

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A friendly reminder about the second Robertson Settlement

An email reminder from copyright licensing agency Access has reminded us to remind you about the second Robertson Settlement—because sometimes, in late summer, these kinds of things slip our minds, don’t they?

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F*ck you. Pay me. Mike Monteiro’s advice for getting paid as a freelancer

If you’ve ever had trouble collecting payment from a client, this video is for you. Mike Monteiro, co-founder of Mule Design Studio gives his provocative (and sometimes profane) tips for protecting yourself as an independent contractor.

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