Off the Wire: News for the Canadian media freelancer April 30–May 6, 2012

Once a week, we gather stories about the media business, journalism, writing, publishing, and freelancing—with a Canadian focus—and share them in Off the Wire. Who needs a water cooler?

From Canada:

From the U.S. and beyond:

From Story Board last week:

  • New York State considers legislation to help freelancers with deadbeat clients: When an unpaid invoice is gathering dust, and numerous emails, phone calls, threatening letters and even “F*ck you. Pay me” hasn’t worked, where is a jilted freelancer to turn? Our friends south of the border are hoping that they can turn to their government for backup, reports the Star.
  • Signer beware: Libel clauses in some freelance contracts leave writers holding the bag: Clauses that make writers wholly responsible for defamatory language in magazine articles have been popping up in freelance contracts for a while now. Last fall, we mentioned that The Grid, owned by Torstar Corp., was distributing new freelance agreements with clauses that could leave writers exposed to counter-suits in the event a libel suit was filed against the publisher in relation to their work […] Recently, another similar clause in a Master Author Agreement from Canada Wide Media Ltd. — publisher of Alberta Home, BC Business, and Real Golf, among other titles — was brought to our attention.

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