The Freelancer’s Guide to Content Marketing

By Steven Threndyle Chances are, you didn’t become a freelancer because you wanted to learn how to write something called “native advertising.” Maybe you’re a graduate from a journalism school, or you’ve honed your freelance career by pitching, researching, and writing stories for magazines such as The Walrus, Canadian Business, or Toronto Life. But A-list […]

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Content Marketing Needn’t Be an Ethical Quandary for Canadian Freelancers

by Miranda Miller In my last column, we looked at “following the money;” at the need for Canadian freelancers who want to continue writing and editing as a career to consider new types of clients. The trend towards brands as publishers, coupled with the near-universal gutting of mainstream media writing budgets and the devaluation of […]

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Contently and the Rise of Content Marketing

Prospects seem rather gloomy for freelance writers these days. With dying weeklies, draconian magazine contracts, and endless cutbacks at daily papers and the CBC, it’s sometimes hard to see how freelancing can possibly remain a viable career path. But amid all the journalistic despair there is one area of growth for freelance writers. It’s called […]

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