Hey, CBC Freelancers, You’re Getting A Raise!

By Don Genova, CMG Freelance Branch President Journalists who contribute to the CBC on a freelance basis are now subject to new minimum rates as of April 1, 2017. The Canadian Media Guild and CBC have agreed to a 1.5% across-the-board increase in rates contained in the collective agreement. This means the rates have risen […]

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Indemnity clauses – the rickety bridges of freelancing

by Lesley Evans Ogden Imagine you want to climb up a mountain to a beautiful viewpoint. You’ve done some research, figured out how to get to the trailhead, packed your backpack, and climbed most of the way up the mountain. But on the final ascent you arrive at a deep chasm. The only way across […]

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Writers speak out against The Walrus’s new freelance agreement

Last fall, The Walrus’s contributor agreement came under scrutiny during what is referred to by many freelancers as “the Alex Gillis affair.” The incident – which you can read about in detail on Canadaland – led to a discussion on the Toronto Freelance Editors and Writers listserv about kill fees and “idea appropriation.” Literary agent […]

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Copyright, libel and kill fees: Negotiating a freelancer-friendly contract

by Rachel Sanders The hottest topic of conversation for freelancers is definitely money. But freelance contracts come in a close second. That’s why we like to offer a regular refresher on the subject here on Story Board. Publishers have been adding some distinctly freelancer-unfriendly clauses to their contracts over the past few years. And with well-paid freelance writing […]

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Newspapers reject overreaching freelance photography contracts

by Rachel Sanders Freelance photographers have something to celebrate this week: a little pushback from newspapers against overreaching contracts for concert photography. The Montreal Gazette, La Presse, Le Journal de Montréal, Le Devoir and Métro refused to send photographers to the Taylor Swift show at the Bell Centre in Montreal last Tuesday because of a […]

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Writer Scott Carney launches WordRates & PitchLab Kickstarter

by Rachel Sanders Scott Carney figures he’s beaten the odds and come out the other side: he’s become a successful freelance writer. What was his first clue? Everyone kept asking for his advice. “I get emails and phone calls and letters from writers around the country all the time asking for advice on how to negotiate contracts or how […]

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Why does a freelancer’s copyright matter?

by Rachel Sanders In the wake of our recent post about a contract dispute between a group of freelancers and the non-profit broadcaster Accessible Media Inc., it seems like a good time for a refresher on the topic of copyright and moral rights. As a freelancer, why should you protect your copyright? What are moral rights, […]

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Toronto freelancer goes the distance to pursue non-paying client

Most freelancers have had to deal with it at some point in their careers – a client who is slow to process invoices, or, worse, one that’s deliberately avoiding paying their contractors. Chasing down a paycheque can be frustrating, humiliating and damaging to your productivity. Sometimes it seems easier to just give up on that […]

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Radio freelancers battle for copyright

by Rachel Sanders In the two and a half years since I’ve been the editor of Story Board, I’ve posted all kinds of news and opinion pieces about negotiations and disputes over freelance contracts. The contracts in question have come from a wide variety of media outlets — ranging from Canada Wide Media, to the Toronto Star, […]

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Freelance Friday #2, Storified

[View the story “Value Your Work, Get It In Writing, and Get Paid” on Storify]

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