Freelancers in conflict zones still waiting for fair treatment from the industry

by Rachel Sanders The world is becoming an increasingly dangerous place for journalists. According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, 622 journalists have been killed as a result of their jobs over the past ten years — nearly twice as many as the previous decade. What’s more, nearly 200 journalists are currently in prison worldwide. And conflict zone journalists have harrowing […]

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Friends and colleagues mourn freelance writer and instructor Mark Anderson

News of the death of Ottawa freelance writer and journalism professor Mark Anderson was greeted with an outpouring of sadness and dismay late last week. J-Source reported yesterday that Anderson died of complications related to throat cancer on October 16th at the age of 51. Response on social media came, in large part, from Anderson’s former and current […]

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Freelancer Stephen Leahy on crowdfunding his environmental journalism

by Rachel Sanders Stephen Leahy was at a conservation conference in Mexico five years ago when the dire state of freelance journalism became clear to him. After the event, he spoke with several other freelancers, all of whom had received travel awards to attend the event. Most of them had not been able to sell a single story […]

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Survey on contemporary journalism in Canada

Three professors and media researchers are conducting a national survey to gather information about current conditions in Canadian journalism. Professors Edward Comor and James Compton of the University of Western Ontario, along with Nicole Cohen, assistant professor at the University of Toronto Mississauga, are conducting the anonymous and confidential survey to collect information that will aid in “shaping […]

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Freelancers and crowdfunding

We all know how tough a career in journalism has become over the past few years. Newspapers are in poor shape, many magazines are struggling, and CBC has been hit with budget cut after budget cut. This week, J-Source took a close look at how all of this affects freelancers, with a post on the challenges […]

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This ain’t your parents’ advertorial

By Karen Wirsig So Global TV is now airing “news” reports sponsored by advertisers. The piece about what a pain it is to do your taxes might be brought to you by Q&Z Tax services. The one about all the crime in the east end could be courtesy of the local police association. Advertisers are […]

Vine as a tool for journalists

There’s been a lot of excitement this week about Twitter’s brand new micro-video app, Vine. Although much of the buzz so far has been about Vine’s seedier side, there’s also been some discussion about its usefulness to journalists. A social app that allows users to film looping six-second videos and post them to Twitter, Vine gives journalists an […]

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Journalist bursaries and fellowships

Heads up, Story Board readers: a couple of opportunities for journalists have crossed my desk over the past couple of days. Applications for Forum Freelance Fund bursaries are due at the end of this week, August 31st. These bursaries of $2500 and $1000 help Canadian independent journalists attend hazardous environment training courses in the U.S. and Britain. […]

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Count coffee as a food group? Yep, you’re a journalist

Your Monday laugh comes courtesy of Chris Ortiz, creator/editor of Stuff Journalists Like. While judges in Oregon might disagree with his 20-item “Checklist for being a ‘real’ journalist,” we think it hits the nail on the head. Some of our favourite “signs”: Corrected a loved one’s grammar in a greeting card Forgotten what it’s like […]

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Blogger must pay $2.5 million after judge decides she’s not a journalist

Freelancers, here’s something to consider. If you’re not affiliated with a particular publication, are you still a journalist? If you self-publish investigative pieces, or really anything that could be deemed defamatory, are you protected by the law? Crystal Cox, a Portland-based writer, is the target of a lawsuit from Obsidian Finance Group, reports a Seattle […]

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