CMG freelancers score access to health/dental benefits

Members of the freelance branch of the Canadian Media Guild can now enroll in group medical and dental benefits through the Writers Coalition.

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German freelancers say “Ja” to minimum pay rates

Freelance journalists may be the lone wolves of the media world, but many are starting to form packs, too. Look at Germany: freelancers there are biting back against “all rights” contracts and establishing fair pay models.

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US reality TV freelancers joining union

Freelance writers and producers, some of whom have worked for the same production company for years without benefits and paid overtime, have begun joining the Writers’ Guild of America, East. An article posted at describes why 150 freelancers who work for two different New York City production companies – Atlas Media and ITV Studios – […]

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New alliance to fight for rights for freelancers

The alliance between the Canadian Media Guild and the Canadian Writers Group was officially launched today. It’s a first-ever alliance between an agency that represents independent journalists and a union and will advocate for freelancers on issues such as rates, copyright and digital and re-use rights. “I’m proud to be a partner in this alliance,” says […]

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