Turning Your Holiday into a Travel Writing Opportunity

By Brittany Duggan As a freelancer, days not worked are days not paid. But that doesn’t you mean don’t get to take holidays, whether in your own backyard or to somewhere more exotic. It just might mean you get creative about how to turn your holiday into future writing opportunities. I’ve just emerged back onto […]

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The Problem of Press Trips

by Keph Senett Freelance writers are masters of ingenuity. We have to be. Decreasing wages and increasing demands have made full-time freelance writing a losing proposition. Those of us who wish to remain in the field quickly develop strategies to make it work: We stack assignments, boost our incomes with part-time jobs, and network like […]

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Travel writing links roundup

If you’re planning to write about your summer travels this year, take a break from prowling for flight sales and hotel deals and check out a few of these travel writing posts we’ve run across recently: • From the travel site Matador, here’s a post with 22 tips on how to become a travel writer… it’s a great […]

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