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The 5-Minute Freelancer Q&A #39 — Lesley Evans Ogden

In this regular feature, Story Board asks Canadian freelancers to share a few details about their work habits and their strategies for navigating the ups and downs of freelance life. Lesley Evans Ogden is a B.C.-based science journalist whose clients include Natural History, Scientific American, BBC, Nature, and CBC. Her work can also be found here on Story Board. She just […]

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Freelancers face new challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic

by Monte Stewart This is part two in a series on the ways that Canadian freelancers are weathering COVID-19. Read part one right here.   Lesley Evans Ogden shares her home office with a pet bird. Her feathered friend was there even before the coronavirus struck. But now the Vancouver-area freelancer, who specializes in science […]

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Freelance Skill Share Extraordinaire – Pitfalls and Pitching for Freelancers

by Lesley Evans Ogden Assemble any group of freelancers at a networking event, or Google “freelance challenges,” and a common set of discussion topics tends to emerge. How can we write the best pitches? How do we negotiate contracts? And for some: How do I get started? Navigating freelance challenges to survive and thrive in […]

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Off the Wire: News for the Canadian media freelancer Jan 22-28

Once a week, we gather stories about the media business, journalism, writing, communications, and freelancing—with a Canadian focus—and share them in Off the Wire. Who needs a water cooler? From Canada: Canadian Journalism Innovators launches to accelerate digital media growth [J-Source] Is Journalism “Essential”? Doug Ford’s government doesn’t think so [Canadaland] CBC Bargaining – Getting […]

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Non-fiction book publishing advice for freelance writers

By Lesley Evans Ogden Have you ever thought about writing a non-fiction book? It’s a daunting undertaking, but for many published book authors, it’s also a rewarding one. In April 2018, Science Writers and Communicators of Canada held their annual conference in Vancouver. During that conference, I moderated a session on book publishing. The three […]

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Freelancers’ concerns highlighted at Democracy Project journalism summit

Journalists from across North America gathered in Banff last month to discuss the importance of deeply researched journalism in the era of alt-facts. And at panel discussions populated by major publishers and established journalists, freelancers made themselves heard. The Democracy Project journalism summit happened at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity on October 20 to […]

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Know Your Worth, Know Your Rights with Don Genova

by Grace Szucs  More often than not, writers are being asked to sign contracts these days, says Don Genova, president of CMG Freelance. Contracts can protect you, but they can also put an unfair burden on the writer. Genova went over some freelance contract basics at an info session hosted by the Canadian Media Guild and CWA […]

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Indemnity clauses – the rickety bridges of freelancing

by Lesley Evans Ogden Imagine you want to climb up a mountain to a beautiful viewpoint. You’ve done some research, figured out how to get to the trailhead, packed your backpack, and climbed most of the way up the mountain. But on the final ascent you arrive at a deep chasm. The only way across […]

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Tricks of the trade: clever tips for finding stories at conferences

by Lesley Evans Ogden   How do you nab great stories at conferences? That’s a question I’ve been toying with a lot lately, because in late December 2015, I had the opportunity to attend The Society For Marine Mammalogy Conference in San Francisco. There, I was one of 14 COMPASS Journalist Fellows scouring the scene […]

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The Internet ate my homework. (Or: How to save your published web work)

by Lesley Evans Ogden   When you were a kid in grade school you probably became familiar with the worst excuse ever for losing your homework: the dog ate it. These days, it’s probably not the dog you need to look out for. At some point you’ll likely fall prey to gobbling up of another […]

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