Airchecker: an online resource for radio freelancers


Are you a radio freelancer? Then there’s a new online home for you to explore: Airchecker – originally a news blog for Canadian radio professionals – has launched a social network.

Airchecker was created in 2007 by a Canadian radio personality who prefers to remain anonymous. Seeing a need for a one-stop source of radio-related news, Airchecker’s creator began aggregating news and information about radio on a Blogger site. Before long, radio pros from across the country were sending in stories to be included on the blog.

The site was originally intended as a resource for radio professionals as well as those who were looking to break into the industry. The creator says that, for aspiring radio professionals, the process of finding contact information and putting together packages for job applications used to be costly and time consuming.

“In the old days of radio you would have to mail out a complete radio package with your resume and tape cassette and target radio stations you wanted to work for. Airchecker is based on my own experience of having no resources to turn to when I was starting out in radio. I used to call the DJs on the request line for help,” said Airchecker’s creator during a recent email interview.

Last month, the site launched its social networking platform.

“I like to call the new site a tool belt for radio,” says the site’s creator.

“Each member can brand themselves and create a winning profile to get noticed. I would like more freelancers to get involved helping us create a great website for radio.”

Airchecker reportedly has a lot of freelance users already, including writers, personalities, producers and voiceover talent.

“I encourage freelancers to post a profile and attach a demo. Freelancers can’t just sit back. They must promote in order to get work. I allow freelancers to do this on the site,” says Airchecker’s creator.

Ultimately, Airchecker is intended as a place for radio professionals to share information and discuss their industry.

“The radio industry faces challenges with new media. Having a social networking site provides a platform to discuss all the issues. I’m looking forward to seeing how the user will define the website.”

The new site has had a lot of response already and reports high traffic numbers each month.

“It’s been overwhelming to be honest,” says the site’s creator.

“We continue to grow by the day. It’s a great feeling to know what we are doing is benefiting the industry.”

You can follow Airchecker on Twitter or check out the website for more information


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