CMG submits application for Vice Canada union

The Vice Canada union campaign reached an important milestone last week — the Canadian Media Guild filed for certification with the Canadian Industrial Relations Board. The labour board now needs to confirm that the union has support from at least 40% of employees. After that, the board will call for a vote.

Employees who haven’t yet signed a union card can still do so at right here.

And Vice freelancers can also be part of the unionization efforts. CMG organizer Karen Wirsig recently told Story Board that she wants to hear from freelancers about their experiences with Vice. She said that once the campaign reaches the collective bargaining phase, the CMG will aim to bargain some improvements for freelancers into the contract — including clauses related to prompt and fair payment.

If you’d like more information or would like to speak to Wirsig in confidence, you can call her at 416-578-1651 or reach her by email at


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