Got a story about editorial independence (or lack thereof)?

We’re glad to share this call for stories about advertisers’ influence in newsrooms at magazines and newspapers. It comes from journalist Micah Luxen, who last year quit her job at the Kelowna Daily Courier, where, she says, advertisers had too much sway over editorial content. She’s collecting stories to share during a panel discussion at this year’s CAJ conference. Here’s what she’s looking for:

I’m calling for stories from the battlefield. Have you seen advertising dollars influence editorial content at a Canadian newspaper or magazine? Or on a related note, have you seen ownership ignore conflict of interest, interfering with editorial independence for the sake of profit making? Please send me your stories.

I’m helping to plan the April 2012 Canadian Association of Journalists (CAJ) conference in Toronto, and am putting together a panel on this topic. It’s important we understand the prevalence of this issue (if it is in fact prevalent), and what we can do to turn the trend around. I know I’m likely not the only journalist who has seen advertising dollars influence editorial independence, and I’d like to include some of your stories at the panel.

I will protect the identity of those who submit (unless they give me permission to do otherwise), but please include your name and the publication for the sake of authenticity. Email me at

Learn more about the 2012 CAJ conference here.

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