National Writers Union settles freelance non-payment grievance

The National Writers Union settled a grievance last week on behalf of twenty freelancers who are owed money by the American science magazine Nautilus.

The NWU, an American trade union that represents freelance writers, published an open letter to Nautilus in December stating that the magazine was in breach of multiple contracts and owed a collective debt to freelancers that totalled $50,000

Nautilus freelancer Jessica Siegel is quoted on the NWU’s website saying freelancers had been struggling individually for more than a year to collect what they were owed by the magazine. The NWU’s successful settlement, she says, demonstrates the power of freelancers joining together and acting collectively to get results.

This is only one example of the action the NWU has undertaken recently on behalf of freelancers. The union is involved in other freelance non-payment grievances, including a lawsuit against Ebony magazine on behalf of a group of writers who are owed more than $80,000 by the magazine.

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