Off the Wire: News for the Canadian media freelancer May 28–June 3, 2012

Once a week, we gather stories about the media business, journalism, writing, publishing, and freelancing—with a Canadian focus—and share them in Off the Wire. Who needs a water cooler?

From Canada:

From the U.S. and beyond:

From Story Board last week:

  • Seeking part-time editor for Story Board: The Canadian Media Guild is seeking a part-time editor for Story Board, a blog that creates an online space for media freelancers in Canada.
  • A Pinterest primer for curious journalists and writers: Another social network. If you’re already fatigued by Tweeting, Facebooking and Tumblring every time you publish a new story or photo, the suggestion you should “pin” it too might sound downright exhausting (and redundant). But some news organizations and journalists on Pinterest—where users pin images and text to boards organized by subject—are finding it’s an effective way to engage readers and reach new audiences. Should you try it out? We can’t give you a “yes” or “no,” but what we can provide are some tips we’ve gathered from around the web to help you decide if you should use Pinterest professionally.

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