Sun News Network: the Right stuff

Yesterday, some unsuspecting late-afternoon channel surfers were likely puzzled by the sudden appearance of the Sun News Network on their screens. It sprang into action at 5 p.m. (after a half-hour preview), just in time to greet 9-to-5ers, still angry from their long commutes home and primed for the pundits’ right-leaning rants.

The long-term ratings of the network will spell out its success with Canadian viewers, but how is the rest of Canada’s media reacting to the new small-C conservative contenders?

Stinson also points out that not many news networks experience an online campaign to bring them down before they launch, which SNN did. The network also lost one of its key anchors — who claimed the show she was to host was “not a good fit” — just days before the launch. It faces an uphill battle, if the reaction on Twitter is any indication (read some of our favourite #SunTV tweets below). But given the success of Fox News in the U.S., which offers a similar style of news, SNN might just find its audience after all.

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