Why Should Freelancers Have a Blog?

by Robyn Roste Should freelancers have a blog? Is there any value in blogging these days? These are the questions. We’ve all heard we should blog, but there isn’t a lot of talk about why we should or what we should blog about. Since revamping my blog a year ago I’ve had a lot of discussions […]

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Blogger or journalist? In Canada, defamation law applies either way

by Vanessa Hrvatin Who is a journalist, anyway? In the age of the internet, the definition is becoming less clear. In the past, journalists were considered gatekeepers of information, but today, anyone can share facts and stories online through different platforms, including blogging sites. Many freelance journalists spend time blogging about topics without necessarily worrying […]

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Finding your online writing niche

by Andrea Hoff What kind of writing is best suited to online publishing? According to Bethany Blanchard—a freelance writer, editor, and critic based in Melbourne, Australia— how you frame your online writing is as important as what you publish. Should you start your own blog or publish in an existing journal? What media and platforms should […]

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Links roundup! Image resources for bloggers

If you have a blog — and there are some who think that all freelance writers, authors and journalists should — you might have an image problem. Specifically, unless you’re a photographer, it can be hard to find decent pictures to break up the text and beautify your blog posts. Here are a few good posts […]

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How to be a Better (Food) Blogger

  If you have a blog — or are thinking about starting one — there’s some valuable advice for you here. It’s a recording of a Google+ Hangout involving several established food writers that happened earlier this month. The hour and a half long discussion amounts to a free blog-writing workshop — and it’s not […]

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Seeking part-time editor for Story Board

The Canadian Media Guild is seeking a part-time editor for Story Board, a blog that creates an online space for media freelancers in Canada. The editor will be engaged to work an average of about 10 hours per week developing original copy for blog entries, covering industry news and events, seeking and editing submissions from […]

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Why I quit blogging and why you should too (if you’re a writer) [UPDATED]

By Jeff Nield EDITOR’S NOTE: Changes have been made to this post as a result of a request from TreeHugger’s parent company, Discovery Communications, which claims certain disclosures in the original post were in violation of a confidentiality clause contained in an agreement signed by the author. Until last week, I was a part-time blogger […]

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Blogger must pay $2.5 million after judge decides she’s not a journalist

Freelancers, here’s something to consider. If you’re not affiliated with a particular publication, are you still a journalist? If you self-publish investigative pieces, or really anything that could be deemed defamatory, are you protected by the law? Crystal Cox, a Portland-based writer, is the target of a lawsuit from Obsidian Finance Group, reports a Seattle […]

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Tumblring toward success

Should I be using Tumblr? It’s the question freelancers ask themselves every time they come across another social network or media platform and read that ______ is the new Twitter, or _______ is the best way to find sources, to find out about new gigs, or to reach out to readers. It’s tempting to jump […]

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Bloggers get their day (and some cash, too)

Blogging can be a thankless task. Depending on what your blog is about, finding an audience can be hard, and keeping them engaged is a lot of work. But some writers manage to start something great, attracting healthy traffic and building their own online community, one blog post at a time. Some make a bit […]

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