Writers make a splash at Design Thinkers 2011

The Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario are wrapping up their Design Thinkers conference today, and the Canadian Writers Group helped make it another successful industry event. As the RGD’s official content sponsor, CWG contributed heavily to the conference’s materials. The agency’s writers had a big hand in crafting the Design Thinkers blog and in key […]

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Patricia Pearson lands a piece in the New Yorker, with help from CWG

Getting a humour piece into the New Yorker is no easy feat, and it takes a special kind of writer to meet the magazine’s sky-high standards. Patricia Pearson, who is represented by the Canadian Writers Group, is one of those writers. Her piece “History: The Customer Reviews” made it into the October 17 issue of […]

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LCBO partners with CWG and its writers for new Whisky Rocks magazine

As part of an innovative partnership, one agency’s writers exclusively created the copy for the Liquor Control Board of Ontario’s soon-to-be-released magazine, Whisky Rocks. The Canadian Writers Group is the LCBO’s copy partner for the 40-page magazine, which will be distributed across Ontario on October 22 in the Globe and Mail, National Post, and Toronto […]

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Magazines get in the digital long-form game

In a story for the New York Observer, Emily Witt shares journalist David Dobbs’ digital long-form success story. Working with The Atavist, his long-form piece about his mother’s affair with a flight surgeon during the Second World War sold a “healthy five-figure” number of copies through Kindle Singles. As Dobbs received a dollar for every […]

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Required reading: A look at freelance writers and collective organizing in Canada

Nicole S. Cohen, a PhD candidate in York University’s Communication and Culture graduate program, is working on a large project on historical and contemporary efforts to organize freelance writers. As part of that project, she’s written a paper entitled “Negotiating Writers’ Rights: Freelance Cultural Labour and the Challenge of Organizing,” recently published in Just Labour: […]

WANTED: Freelance writer (or best offer)

Is this what the publishing world has come to that companies in search of freelance writers must resort to Craigslist?

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CWG sends “A World Without Words” poster to 2,000 agencies

In April, the Canadian Writers Group announced it had become the official Content Sponsor for the Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario. We told you about the agency’s ambitions to get its writers on the Ontario design community’s radar, producing content for DesignThinkers 2011 and for RGD’s professional development and training activities throughout the year. Continuing […]

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Long form’s digital trailblazers

Not long ago,  Mark Danner and Gerry Marzorati had an exciting conversation at the Berkeley School of Journalism, in which they tossed around the idea of creating a “hive” for long-form journalists. Now, a short time later, that call is being taken up by digital-publishing innovators, both in the U.S. and in Canada, who are […]

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CWG gets its writers on the Ontario design community’s radar

The Canadian Writers Group has signed on as the official Content Sponsor for the Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario. It’s a unique opportunity for the literary agency, says CWG’s Derek Finkle. “Sponsoring an organization like this is a way of spreading the word about what we do, in an effective and targeted way.” CWG will […]

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New Globe and Mail policy affects freelancers

John Stackhouse, executive editor at the Globe and Mail, has reportedly told Globe staffers they can no longer freelance for Toronto Life  and Chatelaine because the magazines are now considered “competitors.” What’s more, the same policy applies may soon apply to freelancers who contribute to the paper, most of whom don’t earn enough from the Globe to […]

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