The end of local news? How hedge funds are taking over journalism

by Ranziba Nehrin, CWA Associate Member “Like a slow motion car wreck, you see it time and time again.” That’s how Emilie Rusch described the dangerous new trend of vulture hedge funds destroying local newsrooms. Rusch, a reporter at The Denver Post, spoke last week in Detroit, Michigan at the Communications Workers of America’s 2016 Next Generation Summit. […]

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Working Journalists aims to improve conditions for Chicago-area freelancers

by Rachel Sanders Rob Dicker felt totally secure in his position as staff photographer with Pioneer Press. He had skills, seniority and a great relationship with his manager. So it came as a total shock when he was called into a meeting in May 2013 by his newspaper’s corporate owner, Sun-Times Media. The company laid off its entire […]

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Sara Steffens on the challenges and benefits of freelance organizing

by Rachel Sanders The world, it seems, is going freelance. With traditional media in a state of massive restructuring, there are more independent media workers than ever before. Freelance unions (such as our own CMG Freelance) are growing and expanding to provide advocacy and support to the growing freelance ranks. Sara Steffens has been on the front line of […]

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The Freelancer’s Toolbox: Vancouver Session 1

Friday, November 1st 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Vancouver Public Library, The Morris J. Wosk Boardroom 350 West Georgia Street   The Canadian Media Guild Freelance Branch cordially invites you to take part in a day-long seminar designed to help you succeed as an independent content producer. We know that it can be difficult to […]

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Writing Our Stories: The Experiences of Women and Queer Journalists

By Ljudmila Petrovic and Angela Espinoza On April 3, the Canadian University Press and CWA joined forces to organize a panel discussion in Vancouver to explore the experiences of queer and women journalists.   The speakers • Tina House, a video journalist for APTN, spoke of working in a bar and absolutely hating it, knowing […]

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