The Born Freelancer Gives Assurance on Insurance

This series of posts by the Born Freelancer shares personal experiences and thoughts on issues relevant to freelancers. Have something to add to the conversation? We’d love to hear from you in the comments. I think Sara Tatelman’s recent two-parter on liability and insurance for freelancers is a must-read. It is a topic of paramount importance for all freelancers […]

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How to respond when a publication wants you to indemnify them

By Sara Tatelman Congratulations — a new editor is really excited about your pitch, and you’re really excited to get paid to investigate something you care about. All that’s left is to sign the contract. But then you read it, all nine pages, and your heart sinks. The contract requires you to indemnify the publisher […]

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The rise of indemnification clauses in freelance contracts

By Sara Tatelman When Toronto journalist Jesse Brown wanted to break the Jian Ghomeshi story, he knew couldn’t do so on his independent podcast Canadaland. At the time, he didn’t have any libel insurance, and several lawyers told him that while he could take steps to ensure he could win a libel lawsuit, provided he […]

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I sat through a defamation trial. Here’s what I learned.

by Alison Motluk Like many journalists, I live in fear of being sued. I pray that being accurate and fair and unmalicious will be enough. Just in case it isn’t, I make sure never to indemnify any publication I write for. Still, what I learned from observing a defamation trial in Toronto this spring shook […]

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Webinar: Legal advice for journos on defamation, privacy concerns and reporting in conflict zones

Do you know your legal rights and responsibilities as a freelance journalist? If you could use a refresher, tune in to CMG Freelance’s upcoming webinar with lawyer Mark Donald. He’ll share information on journalists’ legal rights when covering protests or reporting from other high-conflict zones, including what to do if you’re arrested and detained. His […]

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Blogger or journalist? In Canada, defamation law applies either way

by Vanessa Hrvatin Who is a journalist, anyway? In the age of the internet, the definition is becoming less clear. In the past, journalists were considered gatekeepers of information, but today, anyone can share facts and stories online through different platforms, including blogging sites. Many freelance journalists spend time blogging about topics without necessarily worrying […]

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Freelance journalists and responsible communication

By Brittany Duggan It’s no secret that journalism today is in great flux. For years, the industry has been negotiating fast-paced digital disruption. This has required journalism to seek new ways to pay for itself while still serving its civic duty. The decline in resources means, among other things, a decline in the ability to […]

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Freelance journalist Laura Robinson’s lawsuit against John Furlong underway in BC Supreme Court

Freelance journalist Laura Robinson’s defamation trial against former Olympics CEO John Furlong has been underway in BC Supreme Court since last Monday. The lawsuit stems from an article that Robinson wrote in September of 2012 for Vancouver’s Georgia Straight newspaper in which several  of Furlong’s former students alleged that he physically abused them when he was a […]

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