Webinar: Tax Time for Freelancers

From the moment the clock ticked midnight on December 31st your financial affairs, for the most part, of 2021, came to an end. All the receipts and bills and invoices you’ve been throwing into the big shoebox (or however you track your finances) are basically done for the year and it’s time to start the […]

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Freelance tax time webinar now available for streaming

Not too many freelancers are thinking about taxes in December, but it’s actually the perfect time to start putting your financial matters in order for 2022 and your 2021 tax return. CFG Organizer Don Genova and Shannon Lee Simmons from the New School of Finance covered a lot of ground in a recent webinar about freelance […]

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Webinar: Tax Time in November

***UPDATED NOV. 22/2021*** Today’s webinar has been postponed due to presenter illness and has been rescheduled for next Tuesday at 12:30pm ET. We apologize for any inconvenience. If you are unable to make the new date/time please email Don Genova at organizer@canadianfreelanceguild.ca to cancel your registration and/or request a refund. Current registrants will automatically be re-registered for […]

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Tax Tips webinar now available on CFG website

On February 10th, about 5 dozen people took part in the CFG’s Business of Freelancing Tax Tips for Freelancers webinar. This was a very lively discussion about the important questions facing freelancers at tax time — such as eligible expenses, dealing with foreign income, the G/HST, CERB, CRB, and so on. The webinar is an […]

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The Business of Freelance Series: Tax Time Tips

Freelancer tax questions? Register for the next Canadian Freelance Guild (CFG) Webinar: Wednesday, February 10th  – 9 a.m. PT (10 a.m. MT/11 a.m. CT/12 a.m. ET/1 p.m. AT/1:30 p.m. NT) Marginal tax rate? Foreign income? Eligible expenses? Is COVID relief taxable? What’s different in 2020? New exemptions? Join CFG and Shannon Lee Simmons, founder of the New […]

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WEBINAR: Income Replacement and Taxes during Covid-19

A free CFG Lunch and Learn webinar is planned for members in good standing on Tuesday, April 14th at 12 noon ET. A representative from the New School of Finance  will bring us up to date on government initiatives for income replacement as well as other protections for the self-employed and others affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. […]

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Need some help with your taxes? Get organized with the New School of Finance’s free course

It’s tax season, freelancers, and that means it’s time to dig out that pile of receipts and tax slips and get them organized. If that idea fills you with dread, the New School of Finance has a free course that might help. The Toronto-based fee-only financial planning firm’s Tax Prep Party is a short tutorial filled […]

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Sunny Widerman’s tax tips for creatives

It’s nearly April, freelancers. Which means it’s time to start thinking about preparing your tax return. A few weeks ago, CMG Freelance ran a tax tips webinar for our members with Toronto tax specialist Sunny Widerman. To help get you into the tax filing mindset, here are a few of Widerman’s top tips from that webinar. First of all, […]

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Tax Tips webinar for members on February 25

Tax season is approaching, freelancers. If that thought makes you sweat, we’ve got an upcoming webinar for members that’s sure to take some of the stress out of the bookkeeping side of your business. CMG Freelance and CWA Associate Members are invited to “Keeping CRA Happy While You Do You: Tax Tips for Creatives,” a webinar with […]

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Freelance Friday #1, Storified

[View the story “Tax matters with Sunny Widerman” on Storify]

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