Canadian freelancers turn to the US market to secure higher-paying gigs

This post is the tenth in a series called “E-Lancer Writes,” exploring the working conditions, rights and collective organizing strategies of freelance journalists, interns and other low-wage or temporary digital media workers.   By Errol Salamon When Canadian-based freelancer Katherine O’Brien started working as a web content and blog writer, she hadn’t made a conscious […]

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What’s the Word on the Street in 2011?

It’s that time of year again. The Word on the Street festival is a celebration of literacy, with a focus on magazines and books. Every year it evolves a little more, and since its first year in Toronto in 1990, WOTS has expanded to five other cities across Canada. This Sunday, September 25, Halifax, Toronto, […]

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BC Business editor quits after publisher kills story

Matt O’Grady resigned from his editor-in-chief position at BC Business one week ago. It wasn’t one of those resignations that’s code for “got fired.” He really truly quit. According to this Vancouver Sun article, his beef with the magazine’s publisher, Peter Legge, was over a cover story for the June issue that O’Grady felt was […]

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Final decision handed down in latest Robertson class action suit

For better or worse, the ongoing series of “Robertson v. _____” cases continues. On May 2, a final decision was handed down in the case of “Robertson v. Proquest, Cedrom, Toronto Star Newspapers, Rogers and Canwest.” (This decision comes after a tentative settlement reached this January.) Heather Robertson and Kirk Baert of the firm Koskie […]

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45 Years of This Magazine Covers

Whether you’ve read it, written for it, or, gasp, have done neither, This Magazine‘s collection of 45 years’ worth of cover designs is worth browsing. From the very first This Magazine is About Schools in April 1966 up to its current 45th anniversary issue, watching the look of the magazine change over the years, as […]

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Update: Editors respond to VIDA stats on female writers

Recent stats from VIDA that showed how few women are getting their work published in literary magazines and journals had us and many others asking questions but coming up with few answers. Now, we hear from the people who decide what makes it into those publications. Elissa Strauss at The Sisterhood blog sent letters to […]

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New Globe and Mail policy affects freelancers

John Stackhouse, executive editor at the Globe and Mail, has reportedly told Globe staffers they can no longer freelance for Toronto Life  and Chatelaine because the magazines are now considered “competitors.” What’s more, the same policy applies may soon apply to freelancers who contribute to the paper, most of whom don’t earn enough from the Globe to […]

Minding the gender gap in literary publishing

Earlier this month, VIDA released The Count 2010, a breakdown of women’s representation in a number of literary publications. Though not comprehensive, the study casts a light on the wide gender gap in the industry, revealing — in easy to digest pie charts — who is getting published where. For example, 36 men had their books […]

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More on the iPad revolution

You can almost hear the panting when people write about the iPad. It’s right up there with sliced bread in mid-December 2010 culture. It’ll probably be over by January, so here’s some more on the iPad before it’s too late. The Huffington Post is reporting that the iPad will revolutionize magazines. Mark Pasetsky argues that smart […]

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iPad apps a priority for Rogers

In an interview with (subscription required), new Rogers Media boss Keith Pelley says it’s logical that i-Pad apps will be a priority for Rogers Publishing. “You know, the iPad or tablet is one that will significantly change publishing. People go online for information and video. They don’t necessarily go to read a full magazine. […]

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