Striking workers on the air with Radio Free Saint John

After nearly a month on the picket line, the seven striking employees of MBS Radio have been back on the air for the past few days. The striking members of the Canadian Media Guild are broadcasting from a web-based station called Radio Free Saint John, playing music as well as using the internet airwaves to […]

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Fighting private radio’s “culture of fear”

The employees of MBS Radio in Saint John just want a contract. Watch the video, read about the Canadian Media Guild’s negotiations with Maritime Broadcasting System on behalf of its employees, follow the campaign on Facebook and if you’re inclined to lend your support, send a message to MBS Radio owner Robert Pace. Via

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New alliance to fight for rights for freelancers

The alliance between the Canadian Media Guild and the Canadian Writers Group was officially launched today. It’s a first-ever alliance between an agency that represents independent journalists and a union and will advocate for freelancers on issues such as rates, copyright and digital and re-use rights. “I’m proud to be a partner in this alliance,” says […]

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Rogers refuses to remove writer’s work from Yahoo

This fall, Rogers Publishing started syndicating work by independent journalists on line. The Canadian Writers Group (CWG) noticed in September that stories from late 2009 and early 2010 by Patricia Pearson and Ellen Vanstone, first published in Chatelaine, were posted on Yahoo’s “Lifestyle” site.  When an editor at Chatelaine was contacted, she had no explanation […]

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What do you do when you’re stiffed?

A small group of freelancers recently had this experience. They were engaged by a Toronto-based publisher to provide material for some specialized periodicals. The terms of the contract were clear and unequivocal. The price and deadline were set. Payment was due 30 days after publication date. Wait a minute. After publication date, not after submission? […]

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Tips for negotiating a contract with an engager

GET IT IN BLACK AND WHITE: Always sign a contract before you begin work. Document your negotiations and the promises of your editors. It will help ensure you get paid properly in case there are any disputes. SHOW ME THE MONEY! If you are an experienced freelancer, avoid working for the minimum rates wherever possible. […]

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