OpenFile freelancers post open letter to Wilf Dinnick

Some of OpenFile’s freelancers started a tumblr yesterday to try to get straight answers from the news organization’s CEO, Wilf Dinnick. OpenFile suspended publication in late September, promising to return within a few weeks after doing some restructuring. Last week, Dinnick spoke with J-Source about OpenFile’s financial problems. He revealed that OpenFile’s bank accounts have […]

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Does everyone hate young journalists?

Writing for OpenFile Toronto, John McGrath notes (with alarm) a new trend: more experienced journalists pointing the finger at the young’uns for all sorts of problems with their industry. He points out recent articles by Margaret Wente, Bert Archer, and Tim Knight (1, 2, 3…it’s a trend) that call out young journalists for a) going […]

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Breaking news, and breaking even (sometimes)

By guest contributor Karen Wirsig It used to be that the capitalists who owned newspapers took care of the money and hired fleets of journalists mostly focused on covering the news. Sure, there were conflicts in this scenario. Lots of them. But it was a generally workable model for reporting to a mass audience and […]

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