Better now than it used to be: freelancing in Canada

by Tannara Yelland   Freelancing full-time is a kind of uncertain work advisable for only serious risk-takers. Your pay is never assured. You’re at the mercy of editors who may have more pressing concerns than responding to pitches. Once you have something accepted and printed, pay can take weeks or months to get to you. […]

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Incubating ideas: Where do you get your ideas and how do you organize them?

by Lesley Evans Ogden   The start of a new year is an interesting time. It’s a period of looking both forward and back. For me, the dawn of 2014 marked a phase of furious pitching, which cast my mind towards wondering how other freelancers come up with story ideas. Where do their ideas come from? […]

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Omar Mouallem advises budding freelancers at NASH

by Allison Leonard   “There is a science to pitching freelance magazine articles,” said Omar Mouallem, a freelance magazine writer and editor who has contributed to publications including the Globe and Mail, The Walrus and Alberta Views. Last weekend, Mouallem spoke to delegates at the Canadian University Press’s annual national conference, NASH 76, in Edmonton.  […]

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Reuse and Recycle

by Tanya Lloyd Kyi   We all have the same complaints. Newspapers are regurgitating content. Editors are reusing tired articles. Publishers are recycling old ideas. But while we writers and readers continue to push for great content, we can also steal a page from the publishing playbook. Why not see how many ways we can […]

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Opportunities and Pitching — tips from The Freelancer’s Toolbox

The good news for freelancers is that there have never been more places to publish than there are right now. The bad news, as we all know, is that very few places want to pay you for your work. Food and travel writers Joanne Sasvari and Don Genova offered some advice on how to make your freelance career […]

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Opportunities and Pitching — Tips from the Freelance Survival Series

Learn to sell yourself, accept all paying work, and approach new publications with your eyes wide open. Those were a few of the messages that came out of the “opportunities and pitching” session at last month’s Freelance Survival Seminar in Toronto. Writers Don Genova and Alison Garwood-Jones spent an hour sharing their experiences and offering advice to a […]

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Traits of a successful freelancer. Have you got what it takes?

by Lesley Evans Ogden In May I had the good fortune of spending a week at the Santa Fe Science Writer’s Workshop. There I joined a class of 52 students whose minds were expanded by learning from top American science journalists – staff or freelancers for the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, National Geographic, and MIT’s […]

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Tips on freelancing abroad from NASH 75

  by H.G. Watson Everyone has the image in their head of the glamorous foreign correspondent, working out of busy bureau and going for after work drinks at a smoke filled expat club. But as international news agencies close or make deep cuts to their international bureaus, working internationally has become more difficult for Canadians. But […]

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Erin Millar offers young freelancers advice at NASH

by H.G. Watson   Freelancing takes guts.  It’s intimidating to approach someone you don’t know and ask them to pay you to write. What if they say no? Or worst of all, don’t even respond to your carefully crafted pitch? Yet getting your foot in the door at any publication means getting over your fear. […]

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AMI looking for radio freelancers

Get out your microphones, audiophiles, there’s a new opportunity for Canadian radio freelancers. Accessible Media Inc. is a not-for-profit organization that produces media for Canadians with disabilities – that’s anywhere from 5 to 8 million people across the country who have difficulty accessing mainstream media. Until recently, AMI’s on-air programming has been produced mainly by volunteers […]

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