Another delay for U.S. freelancers awaiting compensation

While the Robertson Settlement saga is still trucking along here (and the deadline to submit claims under second settlement is approaching), our freelancing friends south of the border are getting nowhere fast with their class-action suit against against numerous publishers. Just this month, an appeals court rejected a settlement struck in 2005, based on an […]

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A friendly reminder about the second Robertson Settlement

An email reminder from copyright licensing agency Access has reminded us to remind you about the second Robertson Settlement—because sometimes, in late summer, these kinds of things slip our minds, don’t they?

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Final decision handed down in latest Robertson class action suit

For better or worse, the ongoing series of “Robertson v. _____” cases continues. On May 2, a final decision was handed down in the case of “Robertson v. Proquest, Cedrom, Toronto Star Newspapers, Rogers and Canwest.” (This decision comes after a tentative settlement reached this January.) Heather Robertson and Kirk Baert of the firm Koskie […]

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Freelance class action cheques hit the mail – should we be celebrating?

Freelancers are finally seeing some cash from the Robertson copyright infringement case, but should they be celebrating?

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Another freelance class action suit settled

A tentative settlement worth approximately $5.5 million was reached on behalf of freelancers with a group of publishers including the Toronto Star Newspapers and Rogers Publishing. The Ontario Superior Court of Justice will consider the tentative settlement in April. Many Canadian freelance writers have heard of Robertson v. Thomson, a 2006 decision of the Supreme Court of […]

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Finkle going to bat for independent writers

Toronto writer Derek Finkle’s first feature assignment netted him a cover story in Toronto Life. It all started in 1993 when he became the magazine’s first intern. The story was about a sting operation on a paid hit and it introduced Finkle to key police sources that would prove helpful to his later work. But […]

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Unlocking the mysteries of the Robertson settlement payouts

A number of magazine veterans have been scratching their heads about the reports circulating that former Globe and Mail freelancers are receiving the maximum allowable payout – $55,000 –  from the Heather Robertson settlement with Thomson Reuters Canada, CTVglobemedia, and the Gale Group.  The veterans are wondering how their many feature-length stories garnered much more […]

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