Alberta Publishing company and CEO Ruth Kelly leave their freelance content creators shivering through the winter – Hire now; pay much, much later

Edmonton, February 22, 2017 – Venture Publishing Inc. of Edmonton and its CEO Ruth Kelly have developed a disturbing business model when it comes to paying the freelance contributors hired to create articles, photos, and illustrations for the various magazines the company produces, such as Alberta Venture, Alberta Oil, and Heroes on behalf of the […]

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Are you owed money by Venture Publishing?

In December of 2013 we posted a story about Venture Publishing in Alberta. We’d been hearing from a lot of freelancers who were having trouble getting paid for their work in a timely manner. Three years later, we’re still hearing from freelancers who are waiting as long as 18 months for their invoices to be paid. […]

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CANADALAND takes on Alberta’s notoriously slow-paying publisher

The media criticism website CANADALAND published a post this week about Venture Publishing’s habit of paying its freelancers extremely late. Edmonton writer Jay Smith spoke with a number of freelancers as well as Venture Publishing’s CEO and president Ruth Kelly about the publisher’s financial troubles. The publisher, which owns Alberta Venture and Alberta Oil magazines and […]

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Freelancers report delayed payments from Venture Publishing

** Update Dec 17/13: Chris Turner has reported that he received his overdue cheque from Venture Publishing this week. Some of the other freelancers that Story Board contacted are still waiting for payment. **   Venture Publishing has told at least one freelancer that it is behind in payments to its contributors, blaming poor summer ad […]

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