Webinar: State Your Worth

Whether you’re a new freelancer wondering how to price your services or an experienced contractor looking to boost your income, CMG Freelance’s next webinar will help you determine what you’re worth.

Understanding where to start (or sometimes re-start) when it comes to rate setting can be a painful undertaking–but it doesn’t have to be.

Join us for the webinar “State Your Worth” on Thursday, November 22nd at 6pm ET/3pm PT and learn how to get into the right mindset for negotiating. The webinar will teach you how to figure out what you’re worth, and will explore various popular freelance pricing models. Webinar participants will also gain access to a Freelance Resource Guide, which lists links, books, communities and other useful material.

“State Your Worth” will be led by negotiation and compensation professional Annika Reinhardt, the founder of Talent Collective, an organization focused on supporting individuals on their career journeys. After failing miserably in her first salary negotiation, Reinhardt bounced back and was able to nearly triple her salary in only a few years. She now focuses on helping individuals state their worth and negotiate their compensation and freelance rates with confidence. Annika is also a Certified Compensation Professional and can often be found sharing her thoughts on topics like gender equity and pay transparency on news outlets such as CBC, CTV and the Globe & Mail.

To register for “State Your Worth” click on this link. If you’re a CMG Freelance member, enter the code “CMG-FL” when you are asked for an affiliation code. If you are not a member, you can enter the code “SBoard” to register to participate in this webinar for free.

Live viewings of webinars are open to everyone. Archived webinars are available for viewing by CMG Freelance and CWA Canada Associate Members on this members-only page on the CMG Freelance website. Recent webinars have covered subjects such as legal advice on defamation, tax tips, and social media strategies for freelancers.

Students, volunteers and emerging media workers can sign up for a free CWA Associate Membership right here. And for information about the price and benefits of CMG Freelance membership you can check out the CMG Freelance website.

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