What do you say when they ask if you’ll work for free?

We’re hearing that a certain national TV broadcaster – not the CBC – has been inviting people onto national news programs in return for … no payment.

Sometimes, it may make sense for you to appear on a program without getting paid for it. If you’ve written a book and you figure going on national television to flog your book is as good a payment as any, the unpaid assignment might work for you. However, you’re well within your rights to say no.

At the CBC, as elsewhere, you can request payment starting with your first appearance. What’s more, a regular contributor to CBC programs must be paid under the terms of the the Canadian Media Guild’s collective agreement.  Contributers earn no less than $242.45 for contributing up to 15 minutes in a TV interview or on a panel.

The CBC is one of the only broadcasters in Canada where a union has succeeded in getting collective bargaining rights for freelancers. But no matter where you contribute, you could use the rates in the CMG agreement as a guideline.

Your time and ideas are valuable. Make them count!

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