Off the Wire: News for the Canadian media freelancer March 19–25, 2012

Once a week, we gather stories about the media business, journalism, writing, publishing, and freelancing—with a Canadian focus—and share them in Off the Wire. Who needs a water cooler?

From Canada:

From the U.S. and beyond:

From Story Board last week:

  • Study this! Even more reasons to join a union, from a librarian: You’ve seen it here before. We’re not shy about our support for unions, and whether it’s the Born Freelancer explaining why unions are boss or a fun video from the Canadian Media Guild demonstrating the sticky situations that unprotected workers find themselves in, we’re glad to share. We can write about reasons to join a union until we’re blue in the face (fingers?), but sometimes hearing it from someone who’s experienced the benefits of union membership is most powerful. That’s what you’ll find here, in a post from Laura Kaminker, a librarian-in-training who works in a unionized job in Mississauga’s library system and also holds another non-unionized position.
  • Settlement reached between writer Patricia Pearson and Rogers Publishing: When freelancer Patricia Pearson wrote an article called “It’s Just Nuts” for Chatelaine in 2009, she probably didn’t think a dispute that followed from that piece would end more than two year later. But late last year Pearson — with the help of legal representation from the Canadian Media Guild and support from the Canadian Writers Group — reached a settlement with Rogers, Chatelaine‘s publisher.


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