WEBINAR: Pitching NOT Bitching!

This week, CFG Guelph is proud to present: Pitching NOT Bitching! How to make a good pitch about a story and get published Online Zoom, Tuesday, January 12th, 7pm ET Pitching is either something you feel challenged by or procrastinate about doing. No matter the type of article you want to write, a good pitch letter […]

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How to avoid editors’ pet peeves

By Monte Stewart The dreaded phone call usually comes when Mark Reid is right in the middle of doing something. “[After] 45 minutes,” said Reid, editor of Canada’s History magazine, “we’re still talking, because you don’t want to be impolite, and the conversation always ends with: ‘Okay, now, can you send me an email about […]

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4 Pitch Templates for Freelance Writers

by Robyn Roste Although pitching isn’t the only way freelancers find paid work, it’s an important skill to master. As much as I’ve tried to avoid it over the years, pitching in some way, shape or form is a large component of my freelance business and something I need to continually practice and improve at. Industry […]

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WEBINAR: Pitching for Success – Sell That Story!

You have the story. You know you can write it and deliver it. But how to get the editor’s attention—and a green light to proceed? CFG Founding Member Sandra Phinney will take you on a journey down the freelance “pitching for success” path in Pitching for Success – Sell That Story. This workshop will cover: today’s most […]

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Freelance Skill Share Extraordinaire – Pitfalls and Pitching for Freelancers

by Lesley Evans Ogden Assemble any group of freelancers at a networking event, or Google “freelance challenges,” and a common set of discussion topics tends to emerge. How can we write the best pitches? How do we negotiate contracts? And for some: How do I get started? Navigating freelance challenges to survive and thrive in […]

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Five Things Freelancers Should Know About Conferences… and why you should attend a few

By George Butters  Ever heard of a fishing hole? That’s a place where fish congregate, and where savvy fishers go with line and hook. Conferences are where ideas are said to congregate, along with the people who espouse them. So for freelancers, conferences are a double whammy: attend the right conference and you’ll get the […]

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Ann Douglas on the seven stages of book publishing

Thinking about writing a book? If so, Ann Douglas has some advice for you. Douglas, whose many published books include the “Mother of All” parenting series, gave a presentation at the recent Level Up writers’ conference in Toronto. Her talk focused on the process of publishing non-fiction books through traditional publishing avenues. She offered reams of helpful […]

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Getting freelance work with the CBC

Freelancing for CBC isn’t as easy as it used to be, but there are still gigs to be found at the Mother Corp. The “Getting Work With the CBC” panel at the recent Level Up conference in Toronto offered some insights into just where to find it. The panel was part of a two-day conference […]

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Travel writing tips from writer and editor Jennifer Bain

by Monte Stewart Jennifer Bain was a travel editor at The Toronto Star before she took a buyout in April. She is currently freelancing as a travel writer and completing a master of fine arts degree in creative non-fiction. In this Q&A, she discusses some of her experiences as a freelance writer and travel section editor […]

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The 5-Minute Freelancer Q&A #36 — Sharon J. Riley

In this regular feature, Story Board asks Canadian writers to share a few details about their work habits and their strategies for navigating the ups and downs of freelance life. Sharon J. Riley got her start in journalism as an intern at Harper’s magazine. Researching and fact checking for the publication gave her a foundation in journalism from which to […]

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