Audio rate card survey aims to empower freelance producers

If you do freelance audio production work, you’re invited to contribute to the creation of a rate card for Canadian audio producers.

Freelance producers Michelle Macklem, Aliya Pabani, Jess Shane, and Kalli Anderson are running a survey of freelance audio production rates in an effort to gain a better understanding of how much producers are charging for their services across the country.

Once they collect enough responses, they’ll compile them into an accessible format to serve as a guideline for independent audio producers.

“From my experience, a lot of us have been having these conversations offline for years, and we felt it was valuable to create some public resources, especially for producers who are just starting out,” Macklem told Story Board via email this week. “If we can all get a sense of how much we charge, it empowers producers to set rates with reasonable expectations.”

Macklem said she’s seen producers enter the industry passionate about their work, only to burn out after months of working contracts with no stability and low pay. Despite drastic increases to the cost of living in Canada’s major cities, she said, pay rates have not risen to reflect this change.

“Talking about money is hard,” she said. “We hope that this survey can help alleviate that stress and provide support around what fair pay looks like.”

You can take the Canadian audio rate card survey right here. The group is hoping for over 50 responses by the time they close the survey at the end of February. And stay tuned to Story Board — we’ll share details about the audio rate card when they become available.

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