Webinar: The Battle of the Bots—Best Bets for Freelancers

As if having to learn how to use ChatGPT wasn’t enough, a new A.I. tool seems to launch every 15 minutes. Some are free, some are freemium, some are hellishly expensive. If you create or manipulate words for a living, join our A.I. team for The Battle of the Bots and find out which of […]

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Webinar: Stress and Trauma at Work: Let’s Have a Conversation

The impact that stress, trauma and violence can take on our mental health obviously applies to journalists, but also to many other freelancers juggling precarious employment. Stress, trauma and violence take a toll on our mental and physical health. Join us for a conversation with working journalists to discuss ways to deal with these issues. […]

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Webinar: Empowering You! CFG Experts Panel on Tax Time 2024

It’s that time again: getting ready to file our annual tax returns. What’s changed? What qualifies for expenses? How can you get through this without setting your hair on fire?

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Webinar: The CFG Social Media Experts Panel Returns

One of the highlights of the Canadian Freelance Guild’s 2023 Summer Academy was the first gathering of the Social Media Experts Panel. Six months on, it’s time for an update on navigating the messy world of social media.

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Webinar: Find and Win Government Contracts

Join the Canadian Freelance Guild for the first CFG Experts Panel of 2024 and discover how you can navigate the government contracting system to your advantage. After all, it’s the biggest purchaser of private sector goods and services in the country. We’ve confirmed two expert CFG panelists who know how to find and get Government […]

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4 Tips for Setting Corporate Writing Rates for Freelancers

Have you ever wondered how to break into the world of corporate writing? Sheila Pinder reviews our latest Canadian Freelance Guild webinar series on The Business of Freelancing and answers this exact qusetion. We’ve heard the rumours and we want in. We want to enjoy higher pay for our work and be treated with the […]

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Webinar: The Anti-Hustle Method for Freelancing Freedom

As a freelancer, being a “one-person business” can feel stressful and exhausting—but it doesn’t need to be! If you’ve ever struggled with managing your time effectively and staying on top of your never-ending task list, this workshop will help you become the productive boss of your own life and business.

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Webinar: How to Win Government of Canada Contracts

The Government of Canada spends about $20 billion a year on goods and services. Even sole proprietors can sell directly to the feds—no matter where they are in Canada or whether or not they offer bilingual services. This webinar guides you through the basics, like making sure your firm is registered on the mandatory ProServices […]

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Webinar: Public Speaking Skills: A Freelancer’s Marketing Tool

Studies have found that people fear speaking in public more than death. In addition to sharing fundamentals of public speaking, our Toastmasters International presenter will steer you away from trepidation and towards dynamic speechmaking. Different forms of public presentations will be discussed, including in-person and virtual and there will also be tips on how to […]

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Webinar: The Seven Stories and How to Apply Them to Your Freelance Writing

According to journalist and bestselling author Christopher Booker, every story we tell falls into one of seven basic plots. This webinar will outline each of these archetypal plot lines and explain when to use them. It will also cover why we tell stories based on the cultural and psychological discoveries of Carl Jung and Joseph […]

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