Webinar: The Seven Stories and How to Apply Them to Your Freelance Writing

According to journalist and bestselling author Christopher Booker, every story we tell falls into one of seven basic plots. This webinar will outline each of these archetypal plot lines and explain when to use them. It will also cover why we tell stories based on the cultural and psychological discoveries of Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell.

The presentation will conclude by providing tips and techniques on how to apply the Seven Stories principle to various genres of fiction and non-fiction writing.

Our Presenter

David RintoulDavid Rintoul

David Morton Rintoul is a freelance writer and was a management consultant serving organizations throughout North America for over 20 years.

Most of his current freelance work involves marketing content for business-to-business clients. His clients often ask him to create success stories to promote their brand. This has fuelled his lifelong fascination with storytelling.

David is a founding member of the CFG and the Community Leader for Guelph-Kitchener-Waterloo. He’s also a member of the newly-formed CFG Experts Panel.

The Seven Stories and How to Apply Them to Your Freelance Writing

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