CMG resolves complaint, gets freelancer paid

The Canadian Media Guild helped get a CBC freelancer paid this week. The freelancer had not been paid the appropriate rate for several years and had never been asked to sign a contract. Despite the fact that the problems occurred a number of years ago, the CMG settled the dispute and managed to negotiate appropriate compensation.

CBC has now agreed to have all freelancers sign contracts in an effort to prevent similar problems from arising in the future.

Staff rep Keith Maskell wants to remind CBC freelancers that the CMG is available to help with any issues related to contracts and payment.

“We can resolve things, either by way of amicable discussion with management or by way of more adversarial proceedings like grievances,” he says.

“But we can’t resolve problems that aren’t brought to our attention. And the longer you wait before raising the issue, the harder it gets to achieve full resolution.”

Maskell advises all CBC freelance contributors to take a look through Article 30 of the CBC/Radio Canada Collective Agreement — the section that applies to freelance contributors — and to get in touch with him at with any problems or concerns.


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