Content Creators Coalition making inroads for artists’ rights

The Content Creators Coalition, an American organization that advocates for “creators of cultural content,” has had some success over the past few weeks with its campaign for artists’ rights. In mid-July, NPR dropped out of the MIC Coalition — a group that is allegedly lobbying to reduce payments for music use — after pressure from the Content Creators Coalition and the musicFIRST Coalition.

The Content Creators Coalition’s response to NPR’s withdrawal states that the organization wants to develop a partnership with the broadcaster to develop “innovative methods of licensing that will benefit music performers, music creators and NPR listeners.”

Amazon also withdrew from the MIC Coalition in June over its focus on music pricing.

The Content Creators Coalition is now working with musicFIRST to support the Fair Play Fair Pay Act, which was introduced in U.S. Congress earlier this year. The Act would require terrestrial radio stations to pay royalties to performers as well as songwriters.

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