Forum Freelance Fund expands its bursary program

Media outlets are relying more heavily on freelancers to cover news breaking in hazardous environments these days. This means that increasing numbers of freelancers are on their own in conflict zones and other dangerous environments without the support of the organizations that publish and broadcast their work.

In response to the growing number of freelancers at risk, the Forum Freelance Fund is doubling the number of safety training bursaries it will grant to Canadian freelancers this year.

Application for the bursaries are open to Canadian freelancers with more than 18 months of experience as well as those who have accepted assignments in dangerous places.

The bursaries are to be used by freelancers to attend safety training courses offered by a number of approved course providers. The deadline for application has been moved forward this year to June 30th and the awards will be granted in July.

For more information or to apply for a bursary, see the Forum Freelance Fund webpage.


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