Freelancers reach settlement agreement with Ebony magazine

The National Writers Union has reached a settlement agreement with Ebony magazine over its failure to pay freelancers for their work.

The union reported today on its website that the settlement means 45 freelance writers, editors and designers will get paid the $80,000 they are collectively owed by the magazine.

The NWU, an American trade union that represents freelance writers, filed a lawsuit against the magazine in September on behalf of a group of freelancers, many of whom had been engaged in a social media campaign using the hashtag #EbonyOwes to try and get the magazine to pay their overdue invoices.

This is the second settlement the NWU has reached on behalf of freelancers this year. In January, the union settled a similar non-payment grievance with Nautilus magazine.

On the union’s website, President Larry Goldbetter said this settlement demonstrates once again that freelancers have more power when they work together. “A freelancer can turn to dust making endless calls and emails trying to get paid,” he said. “But 50 freelancers demanding $100,000 as a union, changes everything.”


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