Improved CBC freelance contract coming soon

The CMG has negotiated a new collective agreement that will see improved working conditions for CBC freelance contributors.

The pending freelancer issues that we reported on late last year were resolved at a negotiating session in mid-December. The new agreement will see base rates for freelancers increase at the same rate as salaries will increase for employees — 1.5% on April 1st and another 1.5% in April 2015.

Some of the language in the new contract has also been changed in an attempt “future-proof” the categories of engagement at CBC. Instead of radio and television, the contract now refers to “audio” and “audio-visual” contributions.

The new contract also does away with the troublesome fine edit premium, rolling the premium into the base rate in categories where it was previously applied. According to a memo from the CMG, this change “eliminates the possibility of confusion or accidental underpayment.”

Don Genova, president of the CMG Freelance Branch says he’s fairly pleased with the changes to the agreement.

“Over time, it will take a lot of the guesswork out of how a freelancer should be contracted. It’s also good to see that the minimum rates in many categories will now acknowledge skills most freelancers have in writing and editing their own contributions, which is a big help to program units that have had lost personnel over the years,” he said via email this week.

Genova said the CMG will continue to fine-tune the details, since the freelance section can be modified during the life of the agreement.

“We will continue to discuss improvements with CBC management through our Joint Committee process,” he said.

“In the meantime we will be working with both management and our fellow CMG members who commission freelance contributions to explain the new layout of categories and rates.”

More information and the full text of the new agreement will be available later this month. A ratification vote will likely take place at the end of January.

CMG staff rep Keith Maskell is available at to answer any questions you have about the new agreement.


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