J-Source wants you to help create a list of the best places to freelance in Canada

5qPdZ5wUEarlier this month, the Columbia Journalism Review ran a great post that surveyed two dozen freelancers about the best outlets to work for. It gives a rundown of six publications that freelancers love, offering specific details about pay and editorial style.

Now J-Source editor H.G. Watson wants to create a Canadian version. She put out a call this week for input from Canadian freelancers about this country’s best outlets to work for — whether because of pay, or great editors, or any other reason. She’s also looking for people who might be willing to go on the record about why they like freelancing for a particular Canadian media outlet.

If you’ve got opinions to share, you can email her at hgwatson@j-source.ca.

We’re looking forward to seeing the results of her research!

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