Nino Ricci gives the Globe a thrashing

In an open letter to the Globe posted on his own site, author Nino Ricci feigns concern for the paper’s financial situation while castigating them for failing to pay him for a travel story published six months ago.

Ricci, award-winning novelist and former president of PEN Canada, states in his letter that after the paper let him charge travel expenses to his own credit card and after his repeated appeals about payment, he has yet to receive even a satisfactory reply from the Globe.

The letter goes on to detail Ricci’s financial pressures, outling the paycheque to paycheque, line-of-credit reality that so many freelancers face.

(If you’re curious, this is the piece Ricci wrote last October. It appeared in the special relaunch issue of the Globe, which, as Ricci notes in his letter, everyone had hoped would improve the paper’s outlook.)

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