Off the Wire: News for the Canadian media freelancer July 30-August 7 2012

Once a week, we gather stories about the media business, journalism, writing, publishing, and freelancing—with a Canadian focus—and share them in Off the Wire. Who needs a water cooler?

From Canada:

From the U.S. and beyond:

From Story Board last week:

  • Striking workers on the air with Radio Free Saint John: After nearly a month on the picket line, the seven striking employees of MBS Radio have been back on the air for the past few days. The striking members of the Canadian Media Guild are broadcasting from a web-based station called Radio Free Saint John, playing music as well as using the internet airwaves to get their message out….
  • The Born Freelancer explores copyright: Part 1 and Part 2: It’s a heart-stopping moment.  You put your thoughts and soul into your work online, creating a project you hope will touch an audience and you reach out to share something you believe in or feel is important. Later you find out it’s been pirated. Stolen. Put on somebody else’s website without a credit or acknowledgment or even a simple courteous “thank you.” Or it may be attributed to you but edited beyond recognition or inaccurately reproduced. This possibly malicious action could potentially cost you lost revenue and a tarnished reputation depending upon the website and the context of your work’s (mis)use. What can you do?

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