Should I Work For Free?


There’s been a lot of talk this month about whether  — and under what circumstances — a freelancer should agree to work for free. The online debate was sparked by journalist Nate Thayer’s blog post about being asked to repurpose a previously-published article for use by the Atlantic… without any compensation. It seemed as though everyone was talking about freelancers’ paycheques for a few days. And there was no shortage of opinions.

Last week we tweeted about this handy flow chart by San Francisco freelance letterer and illustrator Jessica Hische. It’s called “Should I Work For Free?” and you can buy yourself a beautiful 5-colour, 25″ by 15″ letterpress print of it to hang above your desk. It’s pretty funny. And it’s a useful reminder that, unless it’s your mom asking, you should give the matter some serious consideration before agreeing to give away your valuable time and talents.



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