Licensing journalists: a maybe good, maybe terrible, definitely complicated proposal

What is a journalist? What is a journalistic act? What’s the best way to protect the rights of journalists? Can we trust journalists to identify and monitor one another? This Saturday evening, about 50 journalists and people concerned about the state of journalism today packed into the Upper Library at U of T’s Massey College […]

Blabbing with Blatchford

Last night Massey College hosted the third Press Club Night, a series devoted to “celebrating Toronto’s community of journalists.” Well known Globe columnist and author Christie Blatchford sat down with the college’s master, journalist and former chair of the Canadian Journalism Foundation John Fraser, in a snug, book-lined room, with 30 or so others (mostly […]

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Star editor slams Globe cover

We hear that Star editor Michael Cooke made fun of the the Globe over its choice of chocolate over Egypt for an above-the-fold cover story last week – in the middle of the African country’s revolution. Cooke was speaking at Toronto’s Massey College. A little bird told us he said something like “If the Globe knows what it’s doing, […]

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Unlocking the cells at the Toronto Star

Toronto Star editor Michael Cooke will be the guest at Massey College‘s Press Club Night on February 16. John Fraser, the Master of the college, which houses a few 19th century presses in the basement, will host the conversation based on Cooke’s answer to his question of  “how many new journalists” the paper had to hire […]

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