Toronto agency creates awards show for freelancers in advertising

A Toronto ad agency noticed that freelancers don’t get enough recognition within the advertising industry. So they decided to do something about it.

Co-op Advertising created the the FU Awards — “FU” stands for “Freelancers Unite” — to give people in the advertising world an opportunity to pay tribute to the exceptional freelancers they work with.

The agency released a video this week to publicize the awards show.

“It is a little bit cheeky and brash,” Co-op’s managing director Peter Brough said, when asked about the video during a phone call with Story Board this week.

“It’s a bit of an ‘FU’ to the old way of working and thinking,” he said.

The use of freelancers in the advertising industry, said Brough, has risen sharply over the past ten years.

“There’s a gap as far as how much freelancers add to the world of creative communications and how little they get recognized within that world,” he said.

Nominations are open to freelancers across the country who work in all areas of the advertising and communications industry — from writers, artists and designers to web developers and project managers.

The deadline for nominations is October 10th and the awards show will take place in Toronto in mid-November.

For more details, keep an eye on the Freelancers Unite website.

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