Access Copyright Payback claim period open until May 31

The 2017 Access Copyright Payback claim period is open from April 1st to May 31. If you’re a writer or visual artist who was affiliated with Access Copyright as of December 31, 2016, now is the time to submit a claim for this year’s payment. The eligible publication years for the 2017 Payback claim are 1996 to 2015. Written and […]

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Canadian freelancers turn to the US market to secure higher-paying gigs

This post is the tenth in a series called “E-Lancer Writes,” exploring the working conditions, rights and collective organizing strategies of freelance journalists, interns and other low-wage or temporary digital media workers.   By Errol Salamon When Canadian-based freelancer Katherine O’Brien started working as a web content and blog writer, she hadn’t made a conscious […]

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Are you owed money by Venture Publishing?

In December of 2013 we posted a story about Venture Publishing in Alberta. We’d been hearing from a lot of freelancers who were having trouble getting paid for their work in a timely manner. Three years later, we’re still hearing from freelancers who are waiting as long as 18 months for their invoices to be paid. […]

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Students’ voices can create change in the fight for fair wages

by Priya Duguay Toronto International Film Festival is creating quite the buzz again this year as a flurry of fans, film aficionados, and film fraternity (aka. Hollywood’s elite) arrive for the highly respected film festival. As a media student at Ryerson University’s Radio and Television Media Production Program (RTA) I’m constantly, like many of my […]

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Newspapers reject overreaching freelance photography contracts

by Rachel Sanders Freelance photographers have something to celebrate this week: a little pushback from newspapers against overreaching contracts for concert photography. The Montreal Gazette, La Presse, Le Journal de Montréal, Le Devoir and Métro refused to send photographers to the Taylor Swift show at the Bell Centre in Montreal last Tuesday because of a […]

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@crapwritinggigs Twitter account mocks low-paying jobs for writers

by Rachel Sanders $5 per post. $0.02 per word. It’s numbers like these that make a freelance writer’s heart sink. And there’s no shortage of jobs with this kind of rock bottom writing rate being advertised on the internet these days. For one writer, it all just got to be too much. Six months ago that person […]

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Freelancers and crowdfunding

We all know how tough a career in journalism has become over the past few years. Newspapers are in poor shape, many magazines are struggling, and CBC has been hit with budget cut after budget cut. This week, J-Source took a close look at how all of this affects freelancers, with a post on the challenges […]

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CMG Freelance Branch investigates call for submissions

Regular freelance contributors to CBC Radio’s DNTO program received an email a couple of weeks ago from DNTO on behalf of a new summer radio program called, ‘How To Do It’. It was a call for submissions which included these paragraphs: “We’re looking for 3-5 minute anecdotes that you’re willing to share on the radio. […]

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Straight talk about unpaid internships

Last month’s Will Work For Exposure conference at Ryerson University may have been the first time a public conversation was held in Canada about unpaid internships. The panel on internships included this presentation from Andrew Langille, a Toronto-based lawyer and graduate student. Langille is responsible for Youth and Work, a website that provides information for young people […]

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Experience or exploitation? Conference ramps up debate on unpaid internships

By Anqi Shen The culture sector, long known for its precarious working conditions, is shaping up to be more arduous for its workers. On October 19, a mix of students, professionals, artists and union leaders converged in Toronto to talk labour injustice at the ‘Will Work for Exposure’ conference at Ryerson University. Organized by Ryerson’s Centre […]

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