Writers speak out against The Walrus’s new freelance agreement

Last fall, The Walrus’s contributor agreement came under scrutiny during what is referred to by many freelancers as “the Alex Gillis affair.” The incident – which you can read about in detail on Canadaland – led to a discussion on the Toronto Freelance Editors and Writers listserv about kill fees and “idea appropriation.” Literary agent […]

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Another freelancer alleges “idea appropriation” by The Walrus

During the past year, management at The Walrus magazine has been accused of poor treatment of staff and freelancers. This month, another freelance writer has come to Story Board with new allegations. Ontario writer Ann Silversides told Story Board that she pitched a story about a new business to The Walrus last July. The magazine told […]

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A discussion about kill fees at The Walrus: Storified

[View the story “Walrus kill fees under scrutiny” on Storify]

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Crackdown on unpaid internships a positive step, but the collective struggle must continue

  This week, the Ontario Ministry of Labour told The Walrus and Toronto Life to bring their internship programs into compliance with the Employment Standards Act (ESA). Both publications had a long history of offering full time, months-long, unpaid internships for contributing to the main work of the publication. Instead of apologizing and figuring out […]

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The E-Book Show Down: Part Three

E-books are emerging as the latest battleground between writers and print publishers seeking to monetize online content. In this “reset” moment, writers need to be sure they set a fair precedent early on. Read Part One and Part Two of this three-part series.    By Derek Finkle   The Walrus In late October, The Walrus approached […]

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Smart on the page, smart on the screen—smart for the writers?

According to this recent Postmedia News article, it’s getting harder to fund documentaries in Canada. So the kind of partnership The Walrus and High Fidelity HDTV have announced—making documentaries “inspired” by Walrus stories and broadcasting them on High Fidelity’s eqhd channel and on WalrusTV—might be what the industry needs to continue putting our non-fiction stories […]

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