Canadian Freelance Guild progress update

One month ago we launched our new association, the Canadian Freelance Guild.

Since that time we’ve been busy creating resources for our members and looking for new ways to help self-employed creators during this difficult time.

Here’s an update on what we’ve been up to.

The CFG Job Bank for members is now live! This compendium of opportunities for freelancers is pushed out a number of times each week by CFG members Rachel Sanders and Robyn Roste. The gigs and contract opportunities cover a wide range of communications services being sought by traditional and digital media outlets along with more corporate copywriting, copy editing, and technical writing. Over the past two weeks, the Job Bank has already posted 70 opportunities! There’s a lot of work out there, don’t miss out. Members can view and subscribe to the Job Bank right here.

• The CFG website also now features a calendar of upcoming events. On it you’ll be able to find details about upcoming webinars, including two May Day Meet-ups (Zoom tours of our new CFG website) with organizer Don Genova and tech guru George Butters on Friday May 1, and a Lunch and Learn about the ABCs of podcasting on Thursday May 7.

• Other resources that will be coming soon are print-your-own membership cards (until permanent cards can be manufactured), and a new application process for media cards offered to accredited journalist members. And we’ll soon have a full slate of CFG logos in various shapes and sizes along with a design guide for their use on members’ websites and blogs.

• And a final note, one of our new CFG members, videographer Steve Hawkins has put together an excellent short documentary showing the creation of a mural by local artists on a boarded-up shop in downtown Vancouver. It’s a great example of the volunteer spirit being shown during Covid-19, and it’s also a great way for Steve to showcase his talents. While Steve has long-term experience as an employee at various media outlets, he is just entering his freelance career.  View the video right here. It’s guaranteed to bring a happy tear to your eye.

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  1. Written by Mara
    on May 2, 2020 at 3:49 am
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    Hey! I believe the Lunch and Learn is Thursday, May 7!

    • Written by editor
      on May 4, 2020 at 3:16 pm
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      Whoops thank you for the heads up! Changed now.

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