CFG’s first Annual General Meeting scheduled for Saturday, February 6, 2021

NOTE: This event was postponed and has been rescheduled. It was originally scheduled for Nov. 28, 2020.  In early February of 2020 members of the PWAC and CMG Freelance executives gathered in Toronto and over just two days hammered out the framework for what has become the Canadian Freelance Guild. We now have an active, […]

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Canadian Freelance Guild progress update

One month ago we launched our new association, the Canadian Freelance Guild. Since that time we’ve been busy creating resources for our members and looking for new ways to help self-employed creators during this difficult time. Here’s an update on what we’ve been up to. • The CFG Job Bank for members is now live! […]

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Canadian Freelance Guild launches

We did it! On Wednesday, April 1st, we welcomed into the world a brand new association for freelancers. On January 14th of this year, PWAC members voted to join the independent membership of the Canadian Media Guild Freelance Branch at a new home with a new name, the Canadian Freelance Guild. Within a scant two […]

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New Association Formed to Represent Canadian Media and Communications Professionals

January 16th, 2020 The membership of the Professional Writers Association of Canada has resoundingly voted to amalgamate with the independent membership of the Canadian Media Guild Freelance Branch to form the Canadian Freelance Guild. This new association, totalling close to 400 members, will be founded within CWA Canada, the oldest and only all-media union in […]

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