iPad apps a priority for Rogers

In an interview with CARTT.ca (subscription required), new Rogers Media boss Keith Pelley says it’s logical that i-Pad apps will be a priority for Rogers Publishing.

“You know, the iPad or tablet is one that will significantly change publishing. People go online for information and video. They don’t necessarily go to read a full magazine. If you’ve read a magazine on an iPad, it’s unbelievable. It’s very easy to navigate, very easy to read. Its advertising is vibrant. Its colors are spectacular, and it’s very, very transportable. So having said all that, you could probably figure that from a publishing perspective, iPad apps will be a priority for us.”

Pelley also has advice for new journalists:

“(Y)ou need to be a multiple platform journalist now where you can blog, you can do radio, you can do television, you can do print. … Everything from still photography to moving pictures has changed which has certainly changed the role of the journalist. …And you have to be able to take your skills and transfer them to all kinds of different mediums. And so I would tell today’s youth that are trying to get into the business to understand all platforms, and that’s what you are going to be if you are going to be a journalist.

There are no words of wisdom from Pelley, unfortunately, on how to make sure the “youth” will be paid fairly for their multi-skilled work.

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