Long form’s digital trailblazers

Not long ago,  Mark Danner and Gerry Marzorati had an exciting conversation at the Berkeley School of Journalism, in which they tossed around the idea of creating a “hive” for long-form journalists. Now, a short time later, that call is being taken up by digital-publishing innovators, both in the U.S. and in Canada, who are […]

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More on the iPad revolution

You can almost hear the panting when people write about the iPad. It’s right up there with sliced bread in mid-December 2010 culture. It’ll probably be over by January, so here’s some more on the iPad before it’s too late. The Huffington Post is reporting that the iPad will revolutionize magazines. Mark Pasetsky argues that smart […]

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iPad apps a priority for Rogers

In an interview with CARTT.ca (subscription required), new Rogers Media boss Keith Pelley says it’s logical that i-Pad apps will be a priority for Rogers Publishing. “You know, the iPad or tablet is one that will significantly change publishing. People go online for information and video. They don’t necessarily go to read a full magazine. […]

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